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as if i rest on your patient lips

as if i rest on your patient lips - thoughts, feelings, lovers, love

your face,

the vibrant lights,

youth in the flesh.

how pleasant the moment

as our lips collide

in soft tremble,

a collision of atoms

that happens before our eyes.

the magnets melting

as your skin contacts mine,

in quiet crescendo

there's saturated sunrise.

i'm clean out of air beneath my ribs,

it's all gone,

as i started to rue,

but how it feels to rest to eternal bliss.

my cheekbone crashes into the pillow,

pink and soft,

as your patient lips

in pillar light, in unraveled waves

of electricity that bends your spine.

embrace the delicate portrait of the moon

as i'm wandering through your place

in negligee,

you let your fingertips drift astray

over and over, finding a new home

and feeding the flames once again,

exhaling the kerosene gently,

burn out!


tayte palmer

i’m russian, but writing mostly in english about everything i concern

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