Love Jones

If today prepares tomorrow's Ruin,

Then I ought not to be surprised at what my future keeps unfolding. In moments of mere secrecy, I know that the left hand has no idea of What the Right is doing.

So for the approaching days, I'm bracing myself for when my luck may fail me

I'm bracing myself for days and nights that I'd call out to you and you Wouldn't hear me

I accidentally slipped down your path, fell and then I couldn't find my feet to stand up .

Between the period of sweet hellos and sad goodbyes With no one to talk to nor look to, I'd found my way back to my book and

my pen My mind keeps drawing images and singing songs in memory of what love

had felt back then

The times, unlike now, that you could actually call your lover your best


I'm among the most unfortunate souls, for us, we don't do Red Roses

and we definitely don't do strawberry candy With stitches on my lower lip and an aching scar just above my eye lids I'll Remember that you did this to me, that I'd allowed myself get

carried away in the name of cupid I'll Remember everything in the bitter manner that you want me to I'll lick my sore lips, taste my sour blood and hate that you'd once

savored these lips all way Round And like a stray dog driven away from the entire hound, I'll Remember you and brace myself for when the Jones decides to come



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This poem was written by my close friend Gabbriella an aspiring writer and i really enjoy reading her work, would be posting more of hers soon hope you enjoy and if you do please leave a comment about this poem "Love Jones"