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I wept until my tears were dryI prayed until the candles flickeredI knelt until the floor creakedI asked about Mohammed and

Oh Jerusalem, the fragrance of

The shortest path between earth and

Oh Jerusalem, the citadel of lawsA beautiful child with fingers charredand downcast

You are the shady oasis passed by the

Your streets are

Your minarets are

You, the young maiden dressed in

Who rings the bells in the

On Saturday morning?

Who brings toys for the

On Christmas eve?

Oh Jerusalem, the city of sorrowA big tear wandering in the

Who will halt the

On you, the pearl of religions?

Who will wash your bloody walls?

Who will safeguard the Bible?

Who will rescue the Quran?

Who will save Christ?

Who will save man?

Oh Jerusalem my

Oh Jerusalem my

Tomorrow the lemon trees will

And the olive trees will

Your eyes will

The migrant pigeons will

To your sacred

And your children will play

And fathers and sons will

On your rosy


The town of peace and olives.


Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Tawfiq Qabbani (21 March 1923 – 30 April 1998) was a Syrian diplomat, poet, writer and publisher. His poetic style combines simplicity and…

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