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What Mr Robinson Thinks

Guvener B. is a sensible man;

He stays to his home an' looks arter his folks;

He draws his furrer ez straight ez he can,

An' into nobody's tater-patch pokes;—But John P.


Sez he wunt vote fer Guvener B.

My! aint it terrible?

Wut shall we du?

We can't never choose him o' course,—thet's flat;

Guess we shall hev to come round, (don't you?)An' go in fer thunder an' guns, an' all that;

Fer John P.


Sez he wunt vote fer

Gincral C. is a dreffle smart man:

He's ben on all sides thet give places or pelf;

But consistency still wuz a part of his plan,—He's been true to one party—an' thet is himself;—So John P.


Sez he shall vote fer Gineral C.

Gineral C. he goes in fer the war;

He don't vally principle more 'n an old cud;

Wut did God make us raytional creeturs fer,

But glory an' gunpowder, plunder an' blood?

So John P.


Sez he shall vote fer Gineral C.

We were gittin' on nicely up here to our village,

With good old idees o' wut's right an' wut

We kind o' thought Christ went agin war an' pillage,

An' thet eppyletts worn't the best mark of a saint,

But John P.


Sez this kind o' thing's an exploded idee.

The side of our country must oilers be took,

An' Presidunt Polk' you know he is our country.

An' the angel thet writes all our sins in a

Puts the debit to him, an' to us the per

An' John P.


Sez this is his view o' the thing to a T.

Parson Wilbur he calls all these argimunts lies;

Sez they're nothin' on airth but jest fee, faw, fum:

An' thet all this big talk of our

Is half on it ign'ance, an' t' other half rum,

But John P.


Sez it aint no seek thing; an', of course, so must we.

Parson Wilbur sez he never heerd in his

Thet th' Apostles rigged out in their swaller-tail coats,

An' marched round in front of a drum an' a fife,

To git some on 'em office, an' some on 'em votes,

But John P.


Sez they didn't know everthin' down in Judee.

Wal, it's a marcy we've gut folks to tell

The rights an' the wrongs o' these matters,

I vow,

God sends country lawyers, an' other wise

To start the world's team wen it gits in a Slough;

Fer John P.


Sez the world 'll go right, ef he hollers out Gee!


James Russell Lowell

James Russell Lowell (/ˈloʊəl/; February 22, 1819 – August 12, 1891) was an American Romantic poet, critic, editor, and diplomat. He is associat…

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