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I Never Saw Youe Madam Laye Aparte

I never saw youe, madam, laye aparte  Your cornet black in colde nor yet in heate  Sythe first ye knew of my desire so greate  which other fances chased cleane from my harte.  Whiles to my self I did the thought reserve  That so unware did wounde my wofull brest  Pytie I saw within your hart dyd rest;  But since ye knew I did youe love and serve  Your golden treese was clad alway in blacke,  Your smilyng lokes were hid thus evermore,  All that withdrawne that I did crave so sore.  So doth this cornet goveme me alacke,  In sommere sonne, in winter breath of frost;  Of your faire eies whereby the light is lost.      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Complaint that his ladie after she knew of his loue kept her face alway hidden from him      I neuer sawe my Ladye laye apart  Her cornet blacke, in colde nor yet in heate,  Sith first she knew my griefe was growen so great,  Which other fansies driueth from my hart  That to my selfe I do the thought reserue,  The which vnwares did wounde my wofull brest:  But on her face mine eyes mought neuer rest,  Yet, sins she knew I did her loue and serue  Her golden tresses cladde alway with blacke,  Her smilyng lokes that hid thus euermore,  And that restraines whiche I desire so sore.  So dothe this cornet gouerne me alacke:  In somer, sunne: in winters breath, a frost:  Wherby the light of her faire lokes I lost.


Henry Howard

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1516/1517 – 19 January 1547), KG, (courtesy title), was an English nobleman, politician and poet. He was one of th…

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