A pleasant acquaintance.

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Everything that happens to us is not an accident. It is a gift of destiny, but like any other gift, it is not always favorable and wish. The same happened to Otto. He was a typical boy with the usual friends, family, problems. But there was one thing that separated him from everyone: his desire to become better. He was not satisfied with this reality, with typical people, who are only interested in money and corruption. That is why the guy dreamt not about the millions or a large corporation, where he would work for all his life, not about beautiful сhicks that will please him. He dreamt of "wings", he wanted to break all barriers and fly up to the sky, to soar close to the sun and fly away, not to return to this rotten world. But, unfortunately, we all know that's impossible. He had to live with it from day to day. But if you live in discomfort, can it be called a good life?

  If you think about what is life itself ? Some people believe that it is the greatest gift of God. They believe that the Lord gave them life, they could rejoice it, even if there is no reason to that. They are called optimistic people. Others believe life is their punishment. They think that the Lord just decided to laugh at people. And he makes them a bad weather on purpose, they are so-called pessimists. So, where is the correct answer? Where are the right people? And there is no answer, because everyone makes his own plans, everyone is responsible for his actions, deeds, thoughts. So maybe this is the life, what we are responsible for, what we make for our own? Or life is a probation for a better world, a utopia? 

 Otto thought otherwise, he thought that life as an alphabet. In the beginning, we remember the letter "a" then "b" and only in the end when we got to the last letter and learn the alphabet, the doors flung open before us and we can go further. It's like the game, you just go to the next level. What is behind this level, no one can tell, ever. Only you have to "view" and then who knows, because there's nothing that could not happen. 

 Autumn is a beautiful time for artists, romantics, but for ordinary people it evokes a feeling that could not be described in words. It is something like longing, but everyone has its own reasons for this sadness. Otto loved autumn. There are constant rains at this time, and if it’s raining outside no one go out, and Otto admired this. He was satisfied that he may walk down the street alone, without extraneous glances of the crowd. Once autumn day he went out, when it was a light drizzling rain. Many people starts feeling like they are crawling insects because of the touch of these little drops. And they begin to shake every drop off their body, creating discomfort. But Otto liked these little drops, as if they caressing him. He always thought that mother should caress her child this way: careful, finely and gently. He was dreaming about it, because he has lived without a mother all his life. She died when he was not a year old , and the only recollection of her are the old photographs he kept in the box with the original name “Heart”. 

He was going as usual , smoking a cigarette , dreaming of a better world. Otto could never smoke enough, he smoked one by one. It was always possible to see a mild nicotine smoke. But then reaching into his pocket he noticed that the stack became empty , and by amazing coincidence began a heavy downpour. He was lucky that there was the stop with the stall nearby. He walked over, bought a pack of cigarettes and a cup of coffee , sat down on the bench. 

On a deserted road, illuminated by two streetlights , was visible a shadow as light as a night, and after a minute it went right to the bus stop. A girl ran for this shadow. Exhausted, soaked to the skin, but she fled. And within a few minutes she reached her destination and took refuge from the rain. 

Sitting beside her, Otto continually and elusive looked at the girl. Some time later, a girl with long hair and soft posture came closer and sat down on the bench next to him. The poor thing shook from the cold and chilled. Her light evening dress, managed to get wet and stuck to the body, highlighting the graceful figure. The wind was playing with her wet hair as black as a raven, destroying the remnants of the former hairstyle. The mascara from her eyelashes flowed, and its streaks gave rise to a fantastic painting on a thin face. But even through that ridiculous mask, Otto saw the beauty of a stranger woman. She was about 30 years old in appearance. Looking at her it was immediately clear that in her age she had no equal in beauty. Otto could not take his eyes off her , and many thoughts came to his mind: maybe she's stupid ,like all the pretty girls? Maybe she is one , who overtops in everything , both in mind and in beauty? And while he resolved all these issues looking at her , she saw his penetrating gaze and smiled at him. Otto was confused , no girl on that level never smiled him. A pretty girl will rarely give a smile in such an evening rainy day. And he did a very stupid thing, as all of us do in surprise. He leaned on the bench , made a puff, without giving any emotion, and pretended he did not notice anything. But the girl did not embarrass and she started a conversation:

   - A wonderful weather, isn't it? 

- What’s beautiful in it? 

- I thought so, all people disliked the rain. 

- I love the rain , but I don’t see anything remarkable in this downpour. 

- Yes,you're right. It's not very pleasant to stay under the rain, but even in the worst and most terrible things you can see something beautiful and nice. 

    - For example? 

- Right after the rain the sun comes out, and when it pours the streaks of light are cutting through the clouds, creating this incredible view. 

(And after these words, Otto felt something in his heart, it was painful but at the same time pleased. He had never felt such and it was harder to breathe) 

- Yes, you're right. ( he uttered these words with a heavy sigh ) It is a delightful sight. By the way, we don't even know each other. 

- Oh,that's right, my name is Mirai.

- It’s a lovely name, and I’m Otto. 

And, thereafter he felt an incredible pain, it feels like he was pierced by thousands of needles ,and not all at once and separately, but in a very short span , and Otto fell unconscious.