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We all have friends , all the people have friends and explain what it is a friendship - simply wasted time. But do you ever wonder what are your friends ? Can you rely on them? After all, friendship is no more like a trust. But in most cases it is not. They are friends because it happened , or they have some interests , or you got into a company and are unable to get out of there.

Otto has lost faith in a friendship. He thought that he has been simply forgotten , because during all these days in the hospital they didn't even see him. He was very sad , because he could lean only on them in his existence. He didn't know the exact reason why they didn't come, but being depressed as he is, positive things could not even cross his mind, and every his thought somehow ended tragically. He was sure that they threw him like a dog outside, they’ve finished toying with. They got tired of him, and so lucky that he has a disease, now they do not have to tell him not to come and in a while they will have nothing more to say him.

But the real reason was that Maikeru did not inform anyone about the tragic news: no friends , no school’s headmaster, and therefore everybody thought that Otto went on a decent bender. And the boy didn’t want to call, why he should impose on them? They’ll remember me, if they need me.

It’s been the fifth day, five days can now be deleted out of the calendar, out of the special calendar, where there is a total of 730 days. Not everyone has one of these, just a select group of people. "It's scary to count down the days , but at the same time it's funny, at least I have an occupation during my stay in the hospital." Suddenly there was a noise out in the hall. The door of entrance to this hall was very old and made a terrible noise, and not just squeaked it created a sound as if someone plays on an untuned violin, it was very disgusting. It turned out that Mirai enters the hall. She lfinished her work and on the way home decided to see Otto. It was an unexpected visit for Otto, he thought he'd never seen her again , but miracles happen at every step.

- Hey, Otto.

- Hello (He said with surprise)

- How are you feeling?

- Hang on.

- In your case, it's the most important thing. By the way, I spoke to the doctor and he said you get out in 2 days.

It was the greatest news in the last week for Otto. He was ready to announce that to the world and dance with happiness, but not in front of Mirai , and he quietly said:

- Just as I thought.

Mirai immediately has him figured out, but said nothing and made a snide smile, saying:

- You are obviously not good at talking to girls ( whereupon she put her hand on his shoulder)

Otto smiled , but was thinking to himself what to say in response, nothing occured to his mind besides stupidity:

- And you to men?

Then she looked at him and started to laugh. Otto also tried to crack a smile , but it was not possible. He made a face that it felt as if someone took his picture and began to play with it in photoshop. And it made Mirai laugh even louder. Otto got angry, and yelled:

- Can you stop?

Mirai (sighing heavily as it happens when you laugh so hard) said :

- Yes, that’s quite enough or I will definitely suffocate ( and smiled).

(Mirai looked at her watch and was shocked how quickly the time passed , she had pressing matters and had to leave,although she didn't want to.)

- Sorry Otto , I have to go. Tomorrow I go on a business trip, have to get up early. So I'm sorry I can’t see you tomorrow. Here's my number ( gives a sheet ). Call me, when you’ll be out. Okay, I’ve got to run.See you.

Otto was left alone, but he was not sad , he was looking forward to meeting Mirai.