• mrmeowMy little Story: “My story ends where I want."
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My little Story: “My story ends where I want."

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He begun to write this book as 14 year old boy, and finished it being already a father, just changing the last chapter.

This book is filled with sorrow and suffer of teenager from disfunctional family. Young boy, diagnosed with cancer.

This story is about one lost boy, who have no chance to start everything over again..

"- Give me a minute to live how a person.

Otto has not lit. He rose to his feet. He was exhausted, thin with huge hollows in his eyes.

- Give me one more chance. Please. I died as soon as I began to think. I was so long your subordinate, let me go.


Otto suddenly began to dream about tea. A delicious tea of strawberries. But unlike execution in prison, they will not bring him a favorite dish.

-Sod off, take me , but don't let me sleep.

How often we live our days being dead. If you put it all together, all happy moments last no more than 729 days and the happiest are even less than 24 hours. Don't fall when you walk. And don't hate until you love.

Otto died. His body had been found by morning and nobody will know what happened. But this morning a boy was born. He lived his life most happy and gave love to millions.




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