No More Hug's

No More Hugs - love, hugslife

A gentle hug

Full of forever love

I'd hug you everyday if I could

But I miss our warm hugs

Coronavirus disease

Is here to stay

Our happiness gone away

Our warm hugs faded away

No more cuddles hugs kisses

But your not just anybody to hug

Your my true love

I love you so much

Every day

A world without hugs

It's truly sad

It's​ funny how​ a warm hug

Makes everyone feel so good

I can't even hold your hands

And gaze into your eyes

And fall in love

I need a hug so badly

Romance fading away

I missed your hugs all day

I would hug you everyday if I could sweetheart

I promise to hug you

With every beat of my heart


I love you forever

My beautiful sweetheart.

© 2020 David P Carroll Poems.

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