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I Love Everything About You

I Love Everything About You - the kiss, hopes, love, надежда

I Love Everything About You.

She's my happiness and joy

In my life and she's

My shining star in the sky at night

And everything I'm not

You are because I love you

And you make me smile

So much every day and you

Even make my heart smile too

And I love you much in my life

And you even

Make my life worthwhile

You give me so much love and

You always cheer me up

When I'm sad and blue

And everything about you

I love so much

I'm holding hands

Smiling at you

A gentle whisper

Blowing in the wind

I Love You..

You are so sweet

And you are so kind

And everything about you

I cherish so much every day

And your an Angel from above

And your a blessing to my life

Your so beautiful and bright and

You watch over me every night

And sweetheart

Everything about you

I truly love because

Your God's gift to my life.

© 2020 David P Carroll Poems.


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