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In My Heart Forever I Love You

In My Heart Forever I Love You - kiss, kisses, love, lover, lovers

In My Heart Forever I Love You

She's in arms held tight

Falling in love every night

Watching the stars shine so brit

Never letting her go,

All my dreams come true because of you

Holding you in my heart forever

Kissing you and smiling together

Kissing your lips softly and slowly

I want to kiss you forever as

My heart only beats for you

So stay with me forever

Because I love you,

I'll never let you go

I've found the perfect soulmate in you

Gazing into your warm beautiful eyes

Knowing our love will last forever

As I hold her in my warm embrace

In my arms she'll be and in no other place

To be with the you

Sweetheart is so true

Because I love so

Holding you in my arms tightly

Having falling for my charm's

And holding you in my heart we'll

Last together because

Sweetheart I'll love you forever..

© 2020 David P Carroll Poems..


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