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Sonnet XXIX

My weary life, that lives

On the foiled off-brink of being e'er but this,

To whom the power to will hath been

And the will to renounce doth also miss;

My sated life, with having nothing sated,

In the motion of moving poisèd aye,

Within its dreams from its own dreams abated--This life let the Gods change or take away.

For this endless succession of empty hours,

Like deserts after deserts, voidly one,

Doth undermine the very dreaming

And dull even thought's active inaction,  Tainting with fore-unwilled will the dreamed act  Twice thus removed from the unobtained fact.


Fernando Pessoa

Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa (13 June 1888 – 30 November 1935) was a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and phi…

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