The cold earth yields to the warm blood

The black soil incarnadined

Entangled in a rusty hue

Come morrow, the billows will rise

From the earthworks

The green sickness

The muzzle

The brimstone

Those who have found Hell

Declare it home

Settled, indifferent comfort

Followed by the hysterics

Of the irretrievable mother


Cannon fodder

Composed of honor and glory

The sabre rattles

The youthful exuberance

The distant shells grow nearer

Bludgeoning the skulls thickened by pride

This noble rite of passage

Burning, wheezing lungs

Bloody coughs amidst

This field of dismembered limbs

A sea of internal organs

Faceless creatures

Confronted by mortality

Memento mori

Your day has come

The heroic deed undone

The superficial scorched

The innocence disfigured

The virtue of violence

Sing its praises!

Destroy, destroy!

The great sacrificial cleansing

Pitiful humanity

Drowned in mud

Caught in barbs

Fleshly homes for fragments

Particles to be vaporized

Sober minds intoxicated by horrors unseen



The temporal world

Your hellish vessel

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