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I Wonder What It Feels Like To Be Drowned

Look at my knees,  That island rising from the steamy seas!  The candles a tall lightship; my two hands  Are boats and barges anchored to the sands,  With mighty cliffs all round;

They’re full of wine and riches from far lands….  I wonder what it feels like to be drowned?  I can make caves,  By lifting up the island and huge waves  And storms, and then with head and ears well

Blow bubbles with a monstrous roar like thunder,  A bull-of-Bashan sound.  The seas run high and the boats split asunder….  I wonder what it feels like to be drowned?  The thin soap

And slithers like a shark under the ships.  My toes are on the soap-dish—that’s the effect  Of my huge storms; an iron steamer’s wrecked.  The soap slides round and round;  He’s biting the old sailors,

I expect….

I wonder what it feels like to be drowned?


Robert Graves

Robert von Ranke Graves (24 July 1895 – 7 December 1985) was a British poet, historical novelist, critic, and classicist. His father was Alfred …

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