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Gods World

Thin as hair are the shadows of

When they follow drawn-out every tree.

On the road through the forest the

Hands a parcel and letters to me.

By the trail of the cats and the foxes,

By the foxes' and by the cats' trail,

I return with a bundle of

To the house where my joy will prevail.

Countries, continents, isthmuses, frontiers,

Lakes and mountains, discussions and news,

Children, grown-ups, old folk, adolescents,

Appreciations, reports and reviews.0 respected and masculine letters!

All of you, none excepted, have broughtA display of intelligent

Underneath a dry statement of thought.

Precious, treasured epistles of women!


I also fell down from a cloud.

And eternally now and for

To be yours I have solemnly vowed.

Well and you, stamp-collectors, if

Only one fleeting moment you

Among us, what a marvellous

You would find in my sorrowful stead!


Пастернак Борис

Произведения Бориса Пастернака. (29 января [10 февраля] 1890 — 30 мая 1960) — русский поэт, писатель и переводчик. Один из крупнейших русских по…

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