An Adventure With Aliens

Warm cosy day it was, with a lot of tension in mind regarding the exams and the assignments with home works given, Samhitha was waiting for Ramu uncle, her car driver, who drops and takes her from school. It was already 4.35 and she had to run to her kumon classes and be there at 5. Though her kumon teacher was friendly, Samhitha was scared of something. Obviously, the math problem that she was going to face that day at her class was scaring her. Sometimes she had thoughts like, “why an eighth standard girl should be going to some special math class? To solve many problems and to show off to Harish and Radha aunty? If so why should I do that instead of something else in which I am interested?” So many things like that annoyed her.

Harish was her cousin who was in the same class but in different state. He was not so intelligent but he had a peculiar interest in Maths, so is his ideology to develop himself in that one. There takes the lead, the nature of aunts where they think something different in the world, seriously not good, things like boasting about their son or daughter and hence kindling the “spirit of jealousy in the minds of other mothers” which according to Samhitha was a bad habit. Sam, that was how she was called by all her friends and relatives, lived in Delhi. She was living in an apartment with lot of blocks with thirteen to fourteen floors each, which also had a Ganesha temple, swimming pool, play area, library and more than that a block of retired and age old residents. Sam’s mom, dad, elder brother, younger sister, nanaji, naniji, dhadhaji and dhadhiji were living with her. She loved all her family members, only those who were living with her. Her mom was a sweet, kind home maker and her dad was a Chief Executive officer of a multi-national company, her brother was doing his undergraduate programme in commerce and her sister was in first standard. Her house was mostly filled with guests and gifts to meet her father and chatting was all that she heard in her house. She didn’t have any annoyance with that thing, but the schedule that was planned for her from morning 6 till night 10 was the only thing that really made her bad tempered or maybe that really drove her crazy sometimes.     

Samhitha always had a passion towards reading about space and aliens, that too in particular she loved to read a lot about mars and the aliens that live in it, which she believes to exist. Although that is not real, she had a small desire to meet them as she had read many stories about them. She always wanted to befriend an alien of her age and share her work or thoughts with that or atleast to visit Mars once in life time. She did not want to become an astronaut to visit mars but seriously she wanted to go there as she goes to her friend Maya’s house. Waking up at six, completing her routine, getting ready for school, coming back home, running to kumon class, coming back and doing her homework, supper with family and going to bed was her planned schedule. She has schedules because of one stupid thing, as she calls it was her father was a disciplinarian and hence wanted things to be perfect. He was not strict yet she wanted her father to change himself only in that aspect. 

Coming back to Sam who was waiting at the school, really got tired of waiting and became restless. So she decided to walk home from school. It was cloudy and chill, her bag was so heavy and she felt a bit feverish. The next day was a Saturday and she did not have to follow her schedule and it was only those two days when she could do anything. Thinking about all that she came home and made complaints to her mom about her class mates and her teacher who gave a lot of home work and all that. She asked her mother that why nobody came to pick her from the school. Her mother replied in her kind voice that Ramu uncle had to go somewhere urgently and the car had also broken down. Before any alternative arrangements could be made to bring her home from school, she came home by walk. Saying so her mother went to answer the call from her dad.

It started raining and her special math class was cancelled which gave a small smile in her face. As usual there were guests and her father was talking which she was not in a mood to pay heed and know what he was exactly taking about, which she sometimes liked to do. Her sister was watching something on the TV, which she had no interest to watch. Her brother was very busy chatting and mocking with his friends. She went to her room, changed her uniform, had some snack and informing her mom she went to the society library along with her flat-mate, Deepthi. Deepthi’s mom and dad, were working. They had a firm of their own and she had servants for everything. Sam also had some maid and male servants in her house. Almost both their houses were the same. Their tastes and ideas were very much same and they did many things together. Sam called for Deepthi and both of them went to the library. Deepthi was searching for a science novel and Sam was looking for an alien based book. They got the books of their likings, found a table and sat for their reading time. Their eyes were rolling from pages to pages. Suddenly Sam heard some noise that was very scary. The lights were blinking and the others who were there rushed from that building and yelled as if there was some alien invasion. Sam and her friend were bold enough to go out and see what exactly was happening. It was only 5.30 and in Delhi at that time the setting sun would be yellowish orange making the eyes hard to look at. Since it was raining it was a bit dark, but then it was so dark like night. People were running hither and thither not knowing what to do. It took some time for her to understand and realize what was happening. To her surprise it was really an alien invasion! She got into a dilemma weather to feel happy or to feel bad or scared. But first she wanted to befriend them. Her friend was different in this regard that she hated aliens. When Sam was running towards the four-legged axioms of those other planetarians her friend shouted to warn her not to go near those ugly looking and loathing creatures but Sam was actually longing for some moment like this and so heard nothing. Everybody over there looked at her and was gazing with astonishment what she was going to do. She went straight to the aliens and put her hand forth for a nice friendly hand-shake. Before the alien could give its hand, Deepthi fainted! Sam cared about nothing but was just talking some awful and awkward sentences that could be understood only by an undefined specie. Some first aid was given to Deepthi and all were looking in a horror at the activities happening over there. It was obvious that they were congratulating Sam for some reason that nobody can judge. After some serious talks with those aliens, she nodded ‘yes’ for something and bid farewell to her family and Deepthi and got into their spaceship. The legs got folded inside and it killed the throttle. It disappeared into the dark sky and blinked like a star. Sam totally forgot about earth and in few seconds the space car came to a halt. Few aliens having antennas with a glowing bulb at the top came with a palanquin. Sam was carried in that with three of them on either sides. After a while they came to a much enormous axiom and there was an electronic carpet spread and servant aliens on both sides in a row bowed with respect. She was taken into a very big palace like hall where there was a huge chair with gems and stones glittering. She was given an awesome clothing with great super natural powers and was adorned with an exquisite crown. She was treated like a queen and was kept entertained by some aliens like singing songs, dancing and doing some funny actions. Sam completely forgot that she was a human and was enjoying to her heart’s content. When she asked what planet it was, they replied that it was mars! She was overwhelmed with joy and wanted to have a side seeing.She was also happy that her dream had finally come true. Later, a minister alien with some security aliens took Sam, and went around mars. After a long journey, they took her to a huge cave. There was a sharp cliff and a big statue of Sam. Then she went back to her palace and so the day was over and she went to sleep in a royal chamber. Like that days passed by and one fine morning she got the remembrance of her mom, dad, grandparents and Deepthi. She started missing them, her school and all her usual duties. She was very sad and upset. The aliens noted this and the minister alien asked her, “Blob ug pahher iyuth voo? Maiyn kkiya perugandet?” Sam couldn’t actually understand what the alien was asking. She asked it to repeat again and before that exclaimed that she missed her family and her home planet very much. Then the minister alien instructed other alien by whispering something in its ear. Then she was taken in the same palanquin to that cave and was made to stand in the edge of the cliff. When she saw the ground, to her horror she saw a black, never ending empty area. When she asked the minister alien angrily, “What is happening here? Why am I brought here and am I to be pushed in this empty, dark land? If yes, why?” The minister alien got furious and yelled something. Sam could understand nothing, still she shouted back, “Fine! I want to go home. I want to go to my mother earth. If you cannot help me then let me go on my own!” Saying so she put a step forward to move out of that place. As soon as she put her leg forward, the Minister alien shouted “Gairreee!” Then a few aliens with masks on their faces ran towards her and pushed her with a harsh blow. She flew in the air and with a curve she fell into the dark area with her eyes closed and shouting “Aaaahhhhh!! Somebody help me!” Suddenly she felt some one shaking her, calling “Sam! Sam! Wake up. Don’t shout Samhitha. You are making a racket! Wake up Samhitha!” When she opened her eyes she saw Deepthi staring angrily and surprisingly at her and the others were looking at her with an amaze. She realised that she was still in the earth, in the library, sitting with her friend reading a book. And her friend told her that she went into a very deep sleep and asked why she was shouting. When Samhitha told her that she had a strange dream and when she narrated it, Deepthi laughed and said, “ Oh God! My friend has read too much and now she has become an alien!” 

And friends, what would you do if your place is invaded by aliens and how would you feel if you are made the queen of mars?

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