Shadows - life

I have always watched you from the shadows
Looking over you,
watching out for you but never Infront of you
For I am useless,
powerless to aid you in your journey.
Yet I still watch you,
Watch you as you seek a helping hand,
I stay hidden in Shadows unable to appear in Infront of you for I am afraid of who I am.
Even so, I pray,
I pray that you find the light that you seek for,

that you stay out of harm's way.
Perhaps the heavens have heard my prayer
But I still hurt,
Hurt that I can never be the one to guide you into the light,
hurt that you will never know me who had always been holding you as you slept In darkness.
Now I watch,
Watch as you walk into the light brighter than a million stars
As i stay,
Stay behind and watch you as you walk into your new journey but this time in the light without worries
I stay for ones like me are forever bound to the dark where no one sees or knows who they truly are.

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