Uncertain life

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It really common to have this weird feeling about life.

Why this happen with me?

Why my life is so uncertain?

There must be big list that we have in front of us. Believe it or not every person has it. Being calculative in life is very common thing that we do while living. Let take example, a student study hard to get good grade & the end expected result is to get job with a great package.

But again life have its own plan for you. Definitely you will achieve your goal. It wouldn’t be so easy as we calculate. Before achieving the goal there will be series of event that will happen. It includes, you will fail in few subject, you couldn’t able to achieve the grade to get into specific university, less job opportunity, lot of rejections, lot of hard work, sleepless nights & lot more. Not to mention time abundancy.

If you survive this, then you will achieve your dream but if you give up on any event of this process. Which is most easy thing you can do for yourself? In your hard phase of your life.

That way old people said that “life is mystery”

Let take another example of a person who is in love with someone. Whom he/she never meet in person but still fall in love with she/he. The practical expectation of life, we have for ourselves is that person must be your fate or she/he mean to be your other half but in reality the day you fall in love with that person. New phase of your life started. It is good or bad is up to you & no one will have control of it for you.

Every person is made of their own choices. There is no right or wrong choice the one we made but the after effect is their consequences.

Having a question in our life about ourselves is common thing. Don’t make yourself anxious.

The answer lies in time. Time will give you the right answer but on its right time. Time need time to comes as well. So, be patient about yourself.

So, just try to be where you are & live it.